What’s Coming Up? June-August 2010


Things are moving along very nicely for Pleasure Salon Melbourne, Australia’s  first sex positive meet up group, focusing on gathering people from all of Australia’s sex positive communities to share knowledge, experience and most importantly, contacts.

For those of you who haven’t made it along to a gathering yet, rest assured our gatherings are fun, informative and friendly; not sleazy or intimidating. And best of all, we welcome people from all of Melbourne and Australia’s sex positive communities, so no matter what you’re into or how you identify, if it’s legal and consensual, you’ll find others who are into it too!

And a big thanks to our May speaker, the gorgeous Christian Vega.  If you missed Christian’s presentation, be sure to hop along to one of our gatherings and catch up with Christian in person.

What’s coming up for winter to keep you warm and toasty? Pleasure Salon Melbourne has a few ideas…..

On the calendar

Wednesday June 2nd. “Conscious Touch”

Think you’re good in the sack?

Think you could be even better?

Wednesday June 2 brings our next gathering with an extraordinary presentation by Melbourne sexpert, sex educator and psychotherapist Catherine Carter.

Get along to this presentation for suggestions and demos on how to make your physical sex better. No matter your preference, gender or identity, this presentation will give you a great intro to the basics of making sex, sexier!

Check inbox over the next week for invite and further details

Wednesday July 7th

Ever been intrigued by what really goes on in a professional dungeon? Had a bit of experience in a dungeon yourself and want to share your stories?  Melbourne mistress, Mistress Ambrosia takes us on a journey into the world of kink and BDSM, explaining life as a professional switch in the Melbourne kink scene…… and a whole lot more.





( Between Swanston and Elizabeth)



Monday August 2nd

Joy FMs Hide and Seek presenter and producer Dean Beck is hopping on board Pleasure Salon Melbourne to talk us through the intimate world of anal sex.  In the infamous howls of Robert Plant, Dean Beck is gonna be ‘our’ back door man, explaining the finer points of what anal sex is all about, why it’s good, and more importantly, how to do it properly! (Yep, there’s more to it than just stickin’ it in.) From beginners to advanced, Dean will make sure you get a good introduction to the ins and outs of butt sex, or certainly make sure you’ve got the right set of keys at least.

Got an idea?

So keep an eye on your inbox each month for further details and confirmation of guest speakers as they come to light. And if you know of anyone who you think would be a great speaker at Pleasure Salon Melbourne, be sure to drop us a line at pleasuresalonmelbourne@gmail.com with their contact details and a topic overview, as we’re always on the lookout for new people with new ideas!


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