Greetings Pleasure Lovers,

What a fantastic gathering we had in July!

And now we are drawing our Winter gatherings to a close with one of our most intimate topics to date………………..:-)

But first, some new information………..

Due to our growing numbers, Pleasure Salon Melbourne is on the move, and we are trying out another new venue to try to best suit the needs of all our members.

Try as we might, we have had no luck in finding a totally wheelchair friendly, licensed, sex-positive venue in the CBD.

However, we have been offered a fantastic space on


 Miss Libertine

34 Franklin St.


(between Swanston and Elizabeth)

Miss Libertine is wheelchair accessible with advance notice ( please let us know if you need wheelchair access) and ground floor, but does not have a wheelchair friendly loo!

 The other good thing about this move is Miss Libertine is able to offer us $5 pizzas to complement our timeslot… which remains 6pm-10pm.

In order to keep Pleasure Salon Melbourne alive, we are now asking for a $10 door fee, however, concessions are available, please enquire via email.


So, the last of our Winter gatherings, leads us to Monday August 2nd featuring the much anticipated presentation on anal sex, by Melbourne anal expert Dean Beck.

Dean Beck is the Executive Producer and host of two talk-radio programs on Australia’s first Gay and Lesbian Radio Station, Melbourne’s JOY 94.9.  After just 12 months on-air with his first show Hide & Seek – a show about sex, sexuality and how that shapes ‘self’, (Thursday from 10pm) he also hosts an interview program “Word For Word” (Sundays from 11am), heard across Australia via satellite to over 70 Community Radio Stations.

As long as he can remember, Dean Beck has been a sexual being and whilst he experimented with both sides of the fence growing up, his move to Melbourne at 17yo and a specific experience at 21yo cemented his sexuality and a pursuit of anal pleasure.

A former President of Pride March Victoria, Dean began writing porn reviews for a GLBTI publication at the age of 21.  A career in Marketing lead to him running his own business for 6 years and for the last 3 years Dean held the role of Marketing Coordinator for Australia’s largest Adult Wholesaler, distributing the world’s leading brands of adult films, toys and novelties.

An active member of Melbourne’s Gay Leather Community, Dean has willingly passed on his knowledge to others via adult sex-educational seminars for the last 8 years.  An outspoken advocate for sexual responsibility, the story of his sexuality and how he has managed to stay HIV negative whilst exploring and pushing his boundaries can be read on-line at


The Ins and Outs of Anal Pleasure….and much more!

Anal aficionado, Dean Beck, tackles the ultimate taboo.  Join Dean’s educational journey as he demystifies anal pleasure, delivering practical tips from basic anatomy and diet, to essential hygiene and safety information. 

You’ll learn how trust and intimate connection through anal play can deliver unsurpassed euphoria and the ultimate orgasm.

Topics covered include:

·        Safety and consent

·        Diet, preparation and cleaning

·        Anal Anatomy

·        Cleaning and hygiene – tools and protocols         

·        Oils ain’t Oils – understanding different lubes

·        Toys R Arse – choosing the right toys

·        Tips and techniques from Top to Bottom

·        Where to go for more information

In a safe and understanding environment, you are encouraged to ask the questions you have about anal play, from a man whose experience and passion is engaging and entertaining.


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