September 2010 – the commodification of sex

For much of human history, sex for pleasure has been a rare and precious commodity, and rare things are expensive. Sex for pleasure has been bought, sold, swapped and traded throughout known history.

Despite most sexual behaviour being social, not reproductive, we continue to treat it as rare even though it is, in economic terms, so abundant that it should have no value at all. So why does it retain such value?

The ways in which society enforces and perpetuates the commodification of sex in long term (monogamous) relationships is not well understood, particularly where sex is exchanged in an implicit or unplanned manner.

In this talk I will challenge some of our attitudes and behaviours about the commodification of sex. Who benefits from the commodification of sex? Does the exchange of sex for security limit our ability to give and receive good sex? What choices do we really have?

Come along and participate in what I hope will be a lively discussion about these issues.

Venue, date and time:

  • Monday 6 September 2010
  • Doors open 6pm, speaker from 7pm
  • Miss Libertine, 34 Franklin St, Melbourne
  • Entry is $10

One Response to “September 2010 – the commodification of sex”

  1. Unfortunate that I missed the discussion on the commodification of sex. Would be delighted to receive updates for future events.

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