October Gathering

Pleasure Salon Melbourne heats up for Spring and proudly announces our speaker, local film maker Anna Brownfield.

Pornography, Women and Sex.

Melbourne filmmaker Anna Brownfield, takes timeout of her busy schedule to talk Porn.

“When my new wave erotic film, The Band was invited to open the 4th Berlin Porn Film Festival, I was surprised that women made over 40% of the films screening. While, pornography has used women to sell their product, the production of it has been traditionally seen as a male dominated industry that creates images for a male audience. As pioneering film maker Candida Royalle said,  

 ( If it’s an industry) “based on women but our sexuality (has been) ignored, why has there been an increase in women choosing to make explicit films?”    

 This talk will explore this question, and how female filmmakers are reclaiming the genre through the work of filmmakers Candida Royalle, Petra Joy, Shine Louise Huston and Ovidie.

Since graduating from RMIT Media Arts with honours, award winning feminist erotic filmmaker, Anna Brownfield, has gained extensive media attention for the originality of her work. Coming from an experimental and art film background, she has progressed towards narrative film while retaining a unique and highly arresting style.

Her work has screened at numerous festivals here and overseas including International Women’s Conference (Beijing) and WOW Film Festival (Sydney).

Her first feature film The Money Shot’ closed the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) and won Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Male Lead (available on DVD through Accent Underground). 

Her second feature, ‘The Band’ has screened at Cannes Film Market (France), opened the Berlin Porn Film Festival (German, 2009), has sold to numerous territories around the world and recently won “Hottest Feature” at the Feminist Porn Awards in Canada.

“Making it Handmade!” is her first documentary, which premiered at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival.

Join us for Anna’s fascinating presentation at:

 Pleasure Salon Melbourne

 Monday October 4th

Miss Libertine

34 Franklin St


Speaker starts around 7pm



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