December Gathering


Pleasure Salon Melbourne is proud to present the final gathering for the year:

Melbourne’s best kept naughty little secret, Burlesque Bar, comes out to play this December as some of its resident femmes fatale spill their secrets for a festive Pleasure Salon that is not to be missed! Join the house madam, Madame Natalia, resident starlet and ‘Cirque de Femmes’ Foxtrot India, and business director Lauren ‘Liquor Lollipop’ for a bare all look at the Art of Tease, it’s evolution through the ages, it’s application in the modern day and the ins and outs (pun intended) of managing, hosting and entertaining within a venue dedicated solely to sensual titillation and fun. There’ll be song, dance…burlesque…and of course some in depth discussions that peek right up the skirt of the sexual and sensual revolution taking the world by storm. Come and play…we dare you…

This end of year wrap up is going to be HUGE!

Be sure to get there early to get a comfy spot, get a drink and dinner if you’re inclined!

!!!!! Saucy door prizes for 2 lucky entrants ( courtesy of the ladies at Burlesque Bar)!!!!!!

Monday December 6th


Speakers start at 7.30

Miss Libertine

34 Franklin Street





******REMINDER: Keep the proposals coming in for interested guest presenters for Pleasure Salon Melbourne 2011. ******

Email to


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