August Gathering

What a wonderful night was had by all at our superb gathering and celebration of Erotica. Big thanks to all our presenters and to the expert assistance from the gang at Little Raven publishing.

August Gathering
As the last of the winter months approaches us in Melbourne, our introspection moves toward a new
kind of enquiry which examines how sex and spirituality intersect. At a time when many people are losing faith in conventional forms of spirituality and worship, more and more people are turning to Tantra, Buddhism and other alternative spiritual disciplines to find meaning and contentment. Exploring sexuality and spirituality free of shame is becoming a popular and rapidly expanding enterprise, and one which has a variety of approaches and perspective on offer.

Join us at our August gathering on Sex and Spirituality: How Sex and Spirit Intersect to find out more about what is on offer in the Sex /Spirit community, what to watch out for and what this approach to sexuality can offer you.


Shinen Wong has a B.A. in Gender Studies from Dartmouth College, and a Graduate Diploma in
Buddhist Studies from the University of Sydney. He has worked in sexual health promotion for GLBT and queer communities at ACON (former AIDS Council of NSW) and internationally in San Francisco and Singapore. He is interested in the intersections between neuroscience, esoteric sexuality, social justice and health. His spiritual practice is grounded in Buddhism, Taoism, Integral theory,and ecumenicism. He blogs on PsychonautErotica:

Avika de Vine is a long time erotic adventurer and spiritual being whose journey has led through a variety of sexual experiences.  She currently works as a professional dominatrix, erotic masseur and escort where she facilitates journeys into the conscious erotic arts.  She believes passionately in all forms of sexuality as a vehicle for pleasure, self discovery, personal transformation, intimacy and spiritual connection.  She comes from the school of thought that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that while sex can indeed lead to profound spiritual experiences, we do not need the “excuse” of spiritual connection in order to have fun between the sheets… or hanging from the
chandeliers, or tied to a St Andrews cross. Every experience is already inherently spiritual.
Her  websites are  and

is an educator, trainer & coach who passionately lives a Tantra Life.
Working in the field of sexuality for 15 years, she is committed to awakening in men & women the erotic passionate expression of their everyday lives. Along with a committed group of like minded peeps, Yamini will be involved in the launch of the Australian National Tantra Association ( Australia’s Leading Industry body for Tantra, & Neo-Tantra, professionals, practitioners, body workers & educators.

[Mah’roosh], Founder of Love Life Global Foundation and Sensual Healing ( has been a leader and visionary in the field of exploring self and sensuality for over 10 years. As a love life and sex coach Maruś provides an integrated and holistic experience educating and encouraging healing for individuals seeking reconnection to their own intimate personal power within. He is a guide and catalyst that inspires his clients to a state of conscious awareness that allows a healthy celebration of sex and life in general. Maruś also regularly
hosts Cuddle Parties throughout Australia ( bringing together likeminded people who wish to share beautiful innocent forms of affection, intimacy and touch structured within a safe ‘non-sexual’ environment.
We look forward to seeing you all at LOOP on

When: Tuesday August 7th
Where: LOOP Bar  23 Meyers Place.  Melbourne

Time:  7.30pm
Cost  $10


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