The slow goodbye – and the new era dawns

So folks- as announced last night- the November gathering of PFA will be the last in its current form. We will be saying goodbye to our home at Loop and we will cease to be monthly events. Be sure to get on the newsletter to stay up- to- date with the changes as they develop. I ( Cyndi) will be taking some time off to breathe some new life into PFA- so best to stay in touch via newsletters.

We want to thank all those who have supported us of the last four years, especially our panelists and attendees. Thanks to Gareth and the fab staff at @Loop Extra big love to Aaron & Christian who have loved me and given we wine all these years. Also our prize sponsors whose prizes you took home each month. Bliss for WomenD.VICE Australia & Adult Match Maker. Thank you all.

PLEASE take the time to share this status around – and hopefully we will see you at the last formal panel – in our current form – on November 12 this year! Bring on new love for 2014!


2 Responses to “The slow goodbye – and the new era dawns”

  1. thank you Cyndi for your amazing drive and spectacular advancement of sex positivism in Melbourne and Australia. Bring on 2014!

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