Your Sexual Health

……..because pleasure is important

Sex can one of the most vital and exciting components of a person’s life. Through sex we can learn more about ourselves, connect with others, have fun and just get off. It really can be one of life’s greatest gifts.

The awkward bit though is dealing with pesky STIs ( sexually transmitted infections)  and the like, and while PSM actively encourages spending more time thinking about what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it, we also want to encourage you to consider HOW you’re doing it.

Safer sex means thinking about ways you can minimise the risks of infection, and transmission of STIs when you play. We understand that different people have different sex practices, so using condoms is not always going to be applicable to every one in every situation. So what happens next?

PSM events can provide you with extra info about how to play more safely and minimize the risks while still encouraging you to have a good time. Being aware is being empowered, and really, that’s half the battle! If you’re concerned that you may have an infection, or want further info  The Melbourne Sexual Health Centre   (MSHC)  provide a free and confidential service to EVERYONE regardless of age, race, gender, orientation, religion, income etc etc. There is no need to feel ashamed or guilty about taking care of your health. A healthy body means more freedom to play.

We also know that STIs are not just genitally focussed, so if play for you involves practices that engage your body in other ways, where bodily fluids might get shared or spread around, it’s also SUPER important that you are aware of how to minimize the risks. The good folks at MSHC are medical professionals whose service provides non-judgemental health care to people of all orientations and players from all sectors of the sex-positive community.

So no matter how you identify, how you play, your relationship status, your age or what you’re into, PSM has your best interests in mind when we encourage you to Take Care Out There:  of yourself, your playmates and your community. We want you to play happily and healthily for as long as you can!

Sexual health and wellbeing information for everyone. Click image to find out more about TCOTs work


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