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Final PFA Ever- November Gathering

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Greetings all

Well, the time has come- as announced at the last gathering this November gathering of PFA will be the last – FOREVER.

It’s been a wonderful journey over the past 4 years- and I personally have deeply appreciated the support and loved watching the development of Melbourne’s signature sexuality education event for adults grow. Sadly – an event like this only runs on my steam and the good will of the monthly panelists and a select few behind the scenes who keep the wheels in motion. These people specifically have been Christian, Aaron & most recently Andrew our camera guy. Without them- PFA would have been a less well- lubed machine. Thank you for the fun, the tears, the perv-fest and the good times in the office J

Without a place to call home PFA would also have crumbled- so from our early beginning back at Madame Brussels– through to our incarnations at The Order, Miss Libertine & 24 Moons and most recently the final 2 years at LOOP – I say the deepest THANK YOU!

Thank you to all out ever loving sponsors – Bliss For Women–  Australia’s longest running erotica boutique for women, D.Vice Australia & Adult Matchmaker whose prizes each month made PFA an extra lucky dip for those who stayed till the end for prize drawing time. Your support and generosity is deeply appreciated.

And of course PFA would not have been anything without the speakers and panelists who generously gave their time and knowledge in the spirit of good will and meaningful adult education. Without adequate funding- such an event cannot pay ongoing staff or panelists- but the dedication of those who spoke each month highlights just how passionate Melburnians ( and many Australians) are about sex positive adult dialogue.

This event marks the end of an era in many ways – but also the beginning of a new era.

I personally intend to keep running all manner of events in different forms – so please join my individual mailing list to stay up to date with my movements – and any events that I am involved with. I am humbled, flattered inspired and tired.

Love Cyndi


November Gathering: Sex & Spirituality

A devotee and teacher of sacred feminine temple arts, Devashi Shakti has been guiding people in transformational healing for the last 18yrs. She is the Founder of Tigress Yoga, Somatic Sexologist, Tantric Bodyworker & Ceremony Guide. She deeply believes in sexual sovereignty for women and men. Her unusual path in life and her desire to set people free from what inhibits their full pleasure, is likely to continue for the rest of her days.

Shaney is a Tantra Sexuality Educator. She began her sacred sexuality journey after working for 9 years in the stripping industry and realised how many people were seeking more connection and nourishment within their intimate lives. Shaney has been working for the Australian school of Tantra for 4 years and has recently begun her own independent work with the launch of her website in August. Shaney works with people of all genders and sexual preferences, using contemporary Tantra methods to support people in owning their pleasure for self healing and to encourage sex positivity. Shaneys vision is to encourage people to explore their sexualities through erotic development not just because there is a problem, but because it is exciting, preventative and empowering to feel full of healthy sexual energy. Shaney provides holistic, sensual and supportive experiential teachings to encourage people to feel their divinity for overall wellbeing and spiritual contentment.

Emma is a sexuality and relationships coach and educator. She is also a trained Tantra Teacher and Tantric Yoga Teacher. Having traveled the world studying and teaching these practices, she is now one of Australia’s leading experts in this field. Emma is a strong believer in the extraordinary and transformative effect this work can have in all areas of ones life. Her enthusiasm and passion shine through in her devotion to empower and serve others through these teachings.

Deej supports clients to mobilize their capacities for growth, learning and change through embodied counselling, bodywork, meditation, sex coaching, and Tantric Practice. He holds qualifications in psychology, sociology, counselling, adult education, kahuna bodywork, somatic sex education and professional supervision. He has an MA in Somatic and Spiritual Psychology, and is currently working towards a PhD. Mentors he works closely with include Joseph Kramer, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, and Barnaby B Barratt.

Deej supports the development of body-based therapies in Australia through professional trainings for embodied counsellors and somatic sex educators, and professional supervision for therapists who work somatically. He is the President of the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia, and co-director of the Institute of Somatic Sexology.

Deej welcomes people of all genders, sexualities, and relationship choices to work with him.

In Other News

In the absence of PFA – you absolutely need to know about these upcoming events on the calendar in Melbourne

Harlot Overdrive presents:
Porn For The Rest Of Us:
A Night With Courtney Trouble (TROUBLEFilms), Ms. Naughty (Bright Desire), Gala Vanting (Sensate Films) and Liandra Dahl.

“I think feminist porn is crucial” – Ellen Page, Actor.

We also think feminist porn is crucial, but what does that mean and how can we be ethical consumers of pornography? Harlot Overdrive is delighted to present this exciting panel featuring some of Australia’s best feminist pornographers, as well as queer porn icon and pioneer, Courtney Trouble (US). These incredible filmmakers and activists will discuss their experiences as feminists working in porn and what people can do to make more ethical decisions when buying and watching porn. There will also be the opportunity to ask the panel questions.

7pm, Thursday 7 November
303 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Tickets on sale Thursday 5 September 

Get Bucked Australia


This is something you do not want to miss! No matter how much or how little you know about BUCK ANGEL, this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from the man himself.
Buck is an award winning filmmaker and groundbreaking pornographer. He pioneered as the first transsexual man to break into the mainstream adult entertainment industry and has been fearlessly smashing the boundaries there and elsewhere ever since.
When Buck isn’t traveling the world producing films, running workshops and being a powerful motivational speaker, he resides in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico as a loving Daddy to seven dogs!

 Come & Work with Cyndi

(you KNOW you want to)

                      Mentoring for Sexuality / Health Care Professionals

For those of us working in the sexuality realm – as  sex workers, therapists, educators, students or some other form of sexuality & wellness providers – we are often left with limited options for professional development, for mentoring, coaching or debriefing – especially if we are working independently and / or  not frequently part of a broader organisation.
Download info about Cyndi’s offerings to those interested in a career in Sexuality or click here


Special Announcement

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It is with great sadness that we must inform you that Barbara Carrellas  Melbourne event has been cancelled. This morning we received news of Barbara’s partner requiring surgery which means Barbara must be back in NYC for the time this event had been scheduled. Rest assured, Barbara is a very BIG fan of Melbourne and will be back sometime VERY soon

August Gathering

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What a wonderful night was had by all at our superb gathering and celebration of Erotica. Big thanks to all our presenters and to the expert assistance from the gang at Little Raven publishing.

August Gathering
As the last of the winter months approaches us in Melbourne, our introspection moves toward a new
kind of enquiry which examines how sex and spirituality intersect. At a time when many people are losing faith in conventional forms of spirituality and worship, more and more people are turning to Tantra, Buddhism and other alternative spiritual disciplines to find meaning and contentment. Exploring sexuality and spirituality free of shame is becoming a popular and rapidly expanding enterprise, and one which has a variety of approaches and perspective on offer.

Join us at our August gathering on Sex and Spirituality: How Sex and Spirit Intersect to find out more about what is on offer in the Sex /Spirit community, what to watch out for and what this approach to sexuality can offer you.


Shinen Wong has a B.A. in Gender Studies from Dartmouth College, and a Graduate Diploma in
Buddhist Studies from the University of Sydney. He has worked in sexual health promotion for GLBT and queer communities at ACON (former AIDS Council of NSW) and internationally in San Francisco and Singapore. He is interested in the intersections between neuroscience, esoteric sexuality, social justice and health. His spiritual practice is grounded in Buddhism, Taoism, Integral theory,and ecumenicism. He blogs on PsychonautErotica:

Avika de Vine is a long time erotic adventurer and spiritual being whose journey has led through a variety of sexual experiences.  She currently works as a professional dominatrix, erotic masseur and escort where she facilitates journeys into the conscious erotic arts.  She believes passionately in all forms of sexuality as a vehicle for pleasure, self discovery, personal transformation, intimacy and spiritual connection.  She comes from the school of thought that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that while sex can indeed lead to profound spiritual experiences, we do not need the “excuse” of spiritual connection in order to have fun between the sheets… or hanging from the
chandeliers, or tied to a St Andrews cross. Every experience is already inherently spiritual.
Her  websites are  and

is an educator, trainer & coach who passionately lives a Tantra Life.
Working in the field of sexuality for 15 years, she is committed to awakening in men & women the erotic passionate expression of their everyday lives. Along with a committed group of like minded peeps, Yamini will be involved in the launch of the Australian National Tantra Association ( Australia’s Leading Industry body for Tantra, & Neo-Tantra, professionals, practitioners, body workers & educators.

[Mah’roosh], Founder of Love Life Global Foundation and Sensual Healing ( has been a leader and visionary in the field of exploring self and sensuality for over 10 years. As a love life and sex coach Maruś provides an integrated and holistic experience educating and encouraging healing for individuals seeking reconnection to their own intimate personal power within. He is a guide and catalyst that inspires his clients to a state of conscious awareness that allows a healthy celebration of sex and life in general. Maruś also regularly
hosts Cuddle Parties throughout Australia ( bringing together likeminded people who wish to share beautiful innocent forms of affection, intimacy and touch structured within a safe ‘non-sexual’ environment.
We look forward to seeing you all at LOOP on

When: Tuesday August 7th
Where: LOOP Bar  23 Meyers Place.  Melbourne

Time:  7.30pm
Cost  $10

March Gathering 2012

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February PSM saw the year start off with a veritable BANG in the form of our fabulous porn panel of local porn aficionados, and the skyped-in interview with Buck Angel. Thanks to our candid and honest panel guests, our audience members and our funky new home at LOOP where we gather on the FIRST TUESDAY of the month (except for special occasions).

Next PSM gathering is TUESDAY March 6th, where our guest speakers will be looking at sex and sexuality form a practical and hands-on perspective. Come along to find out more about Sexological Bodywork AND the Joy of Strap-Ons!


Deej Juventin

Deej is one of Australia’s leading somatic sex educators. Focusing on empowering people of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds to lead more embodied erotic lives, his work is highly experiential, and delivered with safety, heart, and integrity. Based in Brisbane, he runs workshops throughout the Asia Pacific region, and teaches individuals and couples to access more pleasure and have better sex. He heads the faculty for the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork Professional Training in Australia, and is the President of the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia.

How We Learn Sex – A Sexological Bodywork Approach To Living More Fully

An exploration of how human beings learn, limit  and expand. Developments in neuroscience have told us what anybody who has put a bit of work into themselves already knew. Rather than being constrained by the habits we’ve developed, we are capable of incredible change, growth, and expansion – a concept known as ‘neuroplasticity.’ This has contributed to the field of somatic sexology – a body-based approach to learning about sex, pleasure and intimacy.

Yes, human beings are capable of an extraordinary range of experience. We are able to access more pleasure and have more choice about how we are in our bodies, than most of us ever imagined. Come and learn how.


Louise has her finger a few different pies around sex-positive Melbourne. She’s got her hands full working at D.VICE sex shop and for Take Care {out} There, as well as studying sexual health at Melbourne Uni. One of her many interests in the world of sex is Strap-Ons. She will be presenting the ins-and-outs (so to speak) of Strap-Ons, talking about why they are such fun and sharing a few tips and tricks for how to get the most out of them.

Our presenters will be leading you through an introductory seminar and workshop starting from 7.30 pm.

Be sure to get in early for a good comfy spot and take advantage of the range of drinks and snacks available at LOOP, served by the spunky and friendly bar staff.



TIME: DOORS 6.30 FOR A 7:30 START. (Finishing around 10pm)

COST: $10

In other news, the gang from our old home 24 Moons, are just about to open their new venue, along with the STUNNING Madame Mama Natalia who many of you will remember as the MC of our wild Xmas party at the Order of Melbourne last year. Such a hedonistic concoction of glamour, art, sex and cocktails that just must be seen to be believed!  Check them out at Bohemia Cabaret Club.

AND…………… hold onto your girdles pleasure lovers, because we have an EXTRA SPECIAL surprise for you in April!

Details coming VERY VERY VERY soon!

Bye for now!

New Venue and November Gathering

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Well, It’s been a long time coming, but we’re back to see out the rest of 2011 with a bang.

Our next gathering will be Monday November 7th at our brand new home

Tony Starr’s Kitten Club,

Level 2 / 267 Little Collins St. (CBD)

 (Look for the lime green door.)

Since previous host venue 24 Moons shut its doors, we have been looking for a new home to host us, and the good people at Tony Starr’s
Kitten Club have kindly offered their premises to us. Fabulous food, full menu and cocktails, we are thrilled and honoured to have access to this wonderful new space. Sadly, this venue is not wheelchair accessible.  We are still open to suggestions for a new home, so please send us your ideas for places that

  • serve food and liquor
  • have a space for us
  • have stages, mics, projectors etc.
  • are wheelchair accessible
  • and in the CBD


As you may have been following, we are revamping PSM’s format starting with our November gathering. November brings you 2 special
presenters and a flurry of shenanigans prepared by Cyndi and Christian for your delight. Door prizes a plenty and more interaction for you all.

Summer time start is now 6.30 pm for a 7.15 first presenter.


Jessi Lewis

Melbourne performance artist Jessi Lewis joins us for a presentation like no other.

Exploring what it means to be only 22 and HIV positive, in a world where the death of face to face flirtation is imminent after the rise of Grindr, & what this new technology means for his generation while weaving this in through his own personal story of performance, gay beats, paying rent and moving to Melbourne at age 18.

Having performed Australia wide, Jessi is thrilled to bring us excerpts from his dance pieces, and engage in a Q & A with our audience at PSM.

Melbourne Rope Dojo

Our feedback has told us that you have all been VERY keen to know more about rope play and we have found you one of Australia’s best rope
instructors; Melbourne Rope Dojo!

The head instructor at the Melbourne Rope Dojo is Scott, one of the most experienced practitioners of Shibari outside of Japan. Scott started studying Shibari in 2004, which lead him to visit Japan starting in 2009 to continue his studies. He has been to Japan three times now to study under his Sensei, Osada Steve, and one of Osada Steve’s teachers, Yukimura Haruki-Sensei.

Whilst experienced in all aspects of Shibari, Scott has a particular love of newaza, or the intimate and connected tying typically performed on the floor. For Scott, the connection that can be achieved through rope is unique and forms the heart of Shibari. There is therefore an emphasis at the Dojo of learning how to obtain this connection.

Scott will be providing a demonstration of his work, along with a full suspension demonstration and a history of Shibari (Japanese
Rope Work).


 Tony Starr’s Kitten Club

Level 2/ 267 Little Collins St CBD


 Monday November 7th

Doors:  6: 30 pm for a 7:15 start.

 Full bar and meals available

Cost $10

May Gathering.

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Our April gathering covering the big questions about Swinging,  proved to be a very popular night. Thanks again to our fab host venue 24 Moons, and our  guest speaker Chantelle Austin who gave away copies of her book, along with a personal coaching voucher valued at over $300! Congratulations to all our lucky winners of Chantelle’s prizes, and our other gifts from Bliss 4 Women.

Also, be sure to check out the page about 24Moons Wheelchair Access under our ‘pages‘  listing, should you require wheelchair access.

As I write this it’s wet and cold outside….a perfect time to get all comfy and tuned into our May presentation.

An exploration of Tantra, Spiritual Sex and Expanded Erotic Consciousness

Our May presenter, Uma, joins us from Brisbane. She has spent most of her working life in the pleasure industry, earning her living as a Sacred Intimate while exploring different approaches to sensuality and sexuality. There are many names for these sacred teachers and erotic explorers- Tantrika, Dakini, Sacred Prostitute, Sacred Intimate. All of these titles are relevant to her work and she wears them with pride.

Uma has been trained in Tantra, Shamanism and Taoism and is a Certified Sexological  Bodyworker . She has found her path in life teaching people of all genders and sexual orientations the art and mysteries of sacred sexuality, and is thrilled to bring her knowledge and passion to speak in Melbourne for the very first time.

Along with her partner, she started studying the Tantric arts 8 years ago as a way to bring their relationship  closer together . It ended up being much more profound experience than either of them could have imagined, which continues to lead them today through an ever-changing exploration of a mystical world of sensuality, heart connection and the Divine.

Uma’s presentation will  explore and explain the history of Tantra as a spiritual philosophy in ancient India and how it is as relevant, important and meaningful  today as it was in days gone by.  Drawing on influences from other spiritual disciplines including Taoism from China and Shamanism from the Americas, Uma will give an overview of how these ancient secrets can be applied to modern-day sexuality and enhance contemporary sexual relationships between all orientations and genders.
Uma’s presentation at Pleasure Salon Melbourne will cover topics including:

*What is sacred sexuality and Tantra?

*What is conscious sexuality?

*Why practice sacred /conscious sex?

*The role of a Sacred Prostitute historically and today

*The kind of people who practice Tantra and Why

* Tantra / Spiritual sex as a complement  to alternative sexual practices ( including solo sex and BDSM)

*How to bring consciousness and the Sacred into your own solo -sex life, and with others.

*Creating a pan-sexual , sacred sexual  community that includes practices from breath work to tantric massage to conscious BDSM  and sex magic.

Where: 24 Moons

Serving Drinks / Nibbles and Dumplings

When: Monday May 2nd. 6pm- 10 pm


Speaker starts at 7.30pm


April Gathering 2011

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March’s birthday celebrations were a  an absolute hoot with our fabulous presenter Maureen Matthews from Bliss 4 Women.

 Four lucky guests won fabulous door prizes, including a delicious Njoy Pure Wand and a set of Comstock films, all courtesy of Bliss 4 Women. We’re also thrilled to tell you that Maureen left behind a lot of goodies for us, so keep your tickets upon entry for fab and fun prizes over the coming months. ( of course if you can’t wait that long and would like your own selection of Comstock DVDs or Njoy toys, they can be found at )

And now……. April…….. as we turn to the cooler months, here’s a little treat to warm you right up!


The Who, What, When, How and Why of Swinging!

Chantelle Austin’s presentation at Pleasure Salon Melbourne will be an informal introduction to swinging and swinging relationships.  As a relationship coach, swinger and author of “The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples who want to explore Threesomes, Foursomes and Moresomes”, Chantelle answers the questions people are afraid to ask.  And since she can talk as easily about sex, sexuality and swinging as she can about what to put on the grocery list, her presentation is guaranteed to be open, honest and quite candid!  Be prepared to hear some personal stories along the way too.

With a depth of professional and personal experience, Chantelle has been on Nova FM, Today Tonight and The Morning Show, as Australia’s number one relationship expert in this area so we are privileged to have her present at Pleasure Salon Melbourne.

Whether you’re just curious about it, currently considering it, or have never heard of it, come along to get the real insider info that no one else dares to talk about in public!  This is a rare opportunity to get up close and personal (but not too personal) with the lovely Chantelle.

Topics covered will include (but are not limited to):

  • What kind of people decide to engage in threesomes, foursomes and moresomes
  • What swinging is in the 21st century
  • The common misconceptions about swinging and swingers
  • When is the right time to explore swinging? How to know if your relationship is ready
  • How to get the ball rolling – beginning conversations
  • Why couples decide to swing and why others might consider it
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to “Ask Chantelle” any burning question you have with a Q&A session.

WHERE : 24 Moons.

AC/DC Lane. (Off Flinders Lane)

WHEN: Monday April 4th. 2011

Doors; 6pm

Speaker: 7.30 pm