Melbourne’s sex-positive community is diverse and vibrant.

Melbourne already has:

  • A thriving sex/arts scene
  • Active BDSM scenes and groups
  •  A passionate and political queer GLBTI scene
  • Organized / legal sex workers / sex industry
  • A burgeoning vocal Transgender community
  • Nights for hetero/ queer / bi swingers
  • Kinksters and kinkster trainers
  • Pagan sex magik circles
  •  Boutiques for sex toys, movies, literature and fetish clothing
  • GLBTI media organizations
  • Lesbian clubs & Gay men’s clubs and saunas
  • Poly and Bi organizations and communities
  • Tantra groups and educators
  • Sex therapy & sex education organizations and individuals
  • Burlesque performers
  • Lap dancers
  • Peep show performers
  • And surely a plethora of others we know little about.

Each community tends to exist in isolation, but with Pleasure Forum Australia, this is all about to change!

Please join us in creating Melbourne and Australia’s first Pleasure Forum Australia. Our values of respect, tolerance and non-judgmental support for Australia’s diverse sexual communities are fundamental for this organisation to exist in a public forum, and we encourage all attendees to embrace these values within our sex-positive community.

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