What is Sex-Positivism?

Sex Positivism, can mean many things to many people.

To us, being sex- positive means we embrace the notions of pleasure and sexuality in a positive light. We see sex and pleasure as integral parts of the human condition, and not something that we should be ashamed of or feel embarrassed about.

Having said that, it’s often good to have the opportunity to meet with like-minded  friends over a drink  and discuss the ins and outs of sex, or seek to deepen your knowledge of a particular area or experience, within sexuality.

Being sex-positive means not only having an interest in sex, but also educating yourself and others about what sex and pleasure can be.

If you feel that this describes you, you may be the kind of person we’d love to meet.


One Response to “What is Sex-Positivism?”

  1. Marie Rockford Says:

    This is really inspiring “yaay!” a very big thank you for Pleasssssssurrr , a new melbourne Treassssssssssssurrrrrr.

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