Why the change from Pleasure Salon Melbourne to PLEASURE FORUM AUSTRALIA?

For those who havent made it to regular gatherings, people are asking about why we changed our name. Fair enough!

The original Pleasure Salon in NYC started several years ago  is a space for sex activists to get together, meet and socialise. Whilst this event runs very well in NYC, culturally speaking, Australians have different requirements. So over the years that Pleasure Salon Melbourne was running, it morphed into a different kind of event entirely; the event you now know as Pleasure Forum Australia, where we engage monthly speakers to educate and inform about sex and sexuality for adults.

During discussions with the Pleasure Salon NYC organisers, it became apparent how different our events had become, and upon their request to change the name, I did so  to maintain the integrity of both our events.

If you are ever in NYC, pop along to Pleasure Salon, ( and tell them Pleasure Forum Australia sent you)  a wonderful friendly event where NYC sex positive community gather once a month,  just like us,  only different!


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